My first book "Crystal bricks" has been published in 2008.


I publish a selection of verses or stories in magazine of Literary association "Edita", an also in the almanac "Sredizeme", but the basic part of publications in a free network. Start up virtual, but live contacts, at once it is possible to see reaction of readers. My readers in an Internet, and them much! It appears, it is important to be able to estimate products of other authors, ability to carry on dialogue and to build relations, but also features of style are important also: laconicism and an urgency when the text is easily read from the monitor screen, or the laptop.


Thanks to publications in the almanac "Sredizeme" which lets out and the writer and poet Anatoly Kutnik (Wuppertal) edits, I have got acquainted with authors who have arrived to Germany from the former Union and live nowadays in different corners of Germany. Private world we do not interrupt with borders and time, it extends them, multiplying force of the creative person".


Significant there was a meeting in Düsseldorf on the Fifth International poetic tournament, passing under the motto "To us isn't allowed to foresee, as our word will respond" (the collection of verses of all participants and winners of competition also has been named) organized by Raphael Ajzenshtadtom in May, 2005, with the poet and remarkable person Ingoj Pidevich which has invited me on Literary a portal "That the author" wants.


Subsequently the portal has expanded and includes various territorial divisions in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Ocenia, is the International Union of writers "New Contemporary", and I a member of the named Union.


Took part in competitions of the Literary portal, was its prize-winner, was the judge in competition "Literary Rhine".


Member of the International Union of writers "The New Contemporary".


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